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  • Shipping companies, agencies, NVOCCs​

    • Overview of carrier liability (Hague Visby Rules)

    • Alliances and market impact

    • Alpha-Liner TOP 100 – Order Book – informative value for sea freight rates

    • GRI, Peak Season and Surcharges


  • Ships and general average

    • Development of container ships

    • Average Large examples

    • settlement

    • Why and how transport insurance


  • Containers from A to Z

    • Container Types - Purposes

    • Container check by the shipper 

    • Stowage and packaging of the goods

    • Advantage and use of shipper's owned containers 

    • SOLAS – VGM – Shipper's Liability 

    • How do I avoid demurrage and detention?

  • Sea freight documents and your risks 

    • Types of B's/L

      • Original B/L vs Seawaybill 

    • Liability for loss - what to do 

    • Legal background

    • Documents conforming to the credit

  • Application of the Seefacht Incoterms® 2020

    • Risk: EXW and FOB-Falle 

    • CFR and CIF, advantages in import and export 

  • Spedition ​

    • Risk avoidance through correct forwarding request

    • Understand and correctly calculate forwarding offers

Seefracht Seminar
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