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Manuela Hermetter qualifiziert Mitarbeiter

Manuela Hermetter

Practitioner with heart and brain

I combine my wealth of experience from 23 years in business, including 15 years as a successful manager, with the latest pedagogical and psychological findings from adult education.

In addition to my training as a qualified trainer in adult education and a qualified mental trainer, I bring with me a wide range of specialist knowledge and the necessary practical experience in management and leadership issues.

I know from years of experience what budget and employee responsibility means in a dynamic market.

That's why I understand the needs of my seminar participants, because I speak their language.

Why I can

  • certified HR Manager

  • Qualified mental trainer

  • Graduate trainer in adult education 

  • Over two decades of practice in the  economy

  • 14 years of management experience

  • 20 years of training experience

  • apprentice trainer

  • University course in export and international business

  • trained forwarding clerk

Manuela Hermetter qualifiziert Mitarbeiter


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