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The first impression is often the most important and determines success or failure. Clothing and body language play the main roles. Your body language reflects your thoughts. A relaxed facial expression and the corresponding posture say a lot about you. 

Power that we attribute to other people is only in our own heads. We can influence our impact on others. Success can be planned. In the seminars and individual training sessions, you will learn how to deal with the power of others and become more powerful yourself. 

Manuela Hermetter Wirkung. Macht. Erfolg.




If you feel uncomfortable and insecure, you convey a negative feeling to those around you through your posture and facial expressions. This is often taken as a sign of a lack of competence and lack of credibility.

You will learn how to increase your perceived competence - ie your impact - and how to attract success, ie how to increase your impact through clothing. 

Manuela Hermetter Wirkung. Macht. Erfolg.

Effect in the video conference


The perfect first impression

  • Findings from brain research

  • sphere of activity

  • How do I appear and why? 

body language

  • 1 x 1 of body language

  • From the right mental attitude to self-confidence and confident body language 

  • Facial expression, posture, point of view 

  • Distances and territories 


clothing and personality

  • Know dress codes

  • Use colors skillfully

  • Increase your own positive impact

Appearance and business etiquette in negotiations,  presentations and events

  • Greet and introduce

  • Small talk rules and improve your own impact

  • sympathy formulas

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