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You can now use what is indispensable in top-class sport in your company to sustainably strengthen and improve your own performance and that of your employees.  

Expertise alone is not enough to be successful. Above all, mental, emotional and psychological strength is decisive.  

In my seminars you will learn how to improve your attention with proven and simple mental exercises und work focused when it matters most. 



You master emotionally challenging situations in everyday work, remain confident under stress and overcome critical weaknesses.  

Manuela Hermetter Mental-Trainerin für die Wirtschaft
Manuela Hermetter Mental-Trainerin für die Wirtschaft


Increase concentration, attention and willpower, to achieve professional excellence

Master 60,000 thoughts per day and subconscious


Develop solution and success thinking


Compensate for stress through a sense of achievement


Mental and quickly effective relaxation techniques in the workplace


Constant availability, media sensory overload and multitasking lead to a self-made attention deficit: we become restless, intolerable and nervous. Innovations need creative minds, but a stressed brain cannot think creatively. 

Brain in emergency mode: In dynamic markets, where we are confronted with constant processes of change, our brains easily get the impression that we are losing control. In addition, there is pressure to perform and deadlines, anger and the fear of failure. 


I'll show you mental relaxation techniques that you can easily incorporate into your workday and at home.

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